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About us

This is Our Story

From the neighbourhood to the whole island

Our beginnings had its roots in 1983 – more than 38 years ago – in a wet market stall located at Geylang Serai. We brought fresh poultry every morning to the friendly visitors around the neighbourhood, greeting familiar faces, and making lasting friendships with our loyal patrons.

Slowly but surely, we garnered a loyal fan base who – up to this day – remain our regular customers. As we progressed through the years, we moved towards capturing a larger segment of the market, and became incorporated as Lim Traders Pte Ltd.

Today, we import, manufacture, process/repackage, and distribute halal meats and meat products to cater to an island-wide audience in lieu of our expansion.

More than 30 years on, we still retain the same principles that make us the preferred distributor of Halal meats in Singapore

  • We know what out customers want
  • We stay true to continuous progress and improvement
  • We move with the latest trends to offer the best solutions to the food industry

We are proud to have served the local community for a great period of time, and it is no wonder that we are the preferred choice for Halal meat products in Singapore - after all, we are the Halal Meat Specialists!

Products processed by Lim Traders are Certified by MUIS.

Mission & Vision


Lim Traders Pte Ltd is committed to providing the highest tier of service to all of our customers. We deliver quality halal products and services at competitive prices, while providing a fast and efficient service with honesty and integrity.


We aim to represent the food industry in providing high-quality halal products, providing a wide range of options for food products and services to the island-wide community.

Quality Assurance

Bringing high-quality halal food products with the utmost care for your needs.

Our products are certified by MUIS, thus you can have peace of mind that all of our products are halal-certified.

With an extremely robust logistics network, we are able to provide same-day delivery, if required.

Experience better cost savings when you purchase from Lim Traders Pte Ltd, and enjoy the commitment and dedication we promise to give you – after all we have more than 30 years of experience under our belts.

Our certifications include:

  • SS590:2013 certified
  • BizSafe Level 3 certified
  • Products certified Halal by MUIS
  • SFA Licensed Food Factory Graded “A”