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Tangy Skewered Prawns
Chicken Popcorn
ID Code: 45.050
Qty/Pkg: 1kg
Price: S$10.10
Tangy Skewered Prawns
Boneless Chicken(Prawn Paste)
ID Code: 45.090
Qty/Pkg: 1kg
Price: S$10.00
Tangy Skewered Prawns
Chicken Ball
ID Code: 45.060
Qty/Pkg: 1kg
Price: S$8.95
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Lim Traders has its humble beginning more than 20 years ago from a small little wet market stall handling mainly frozen meat products in Geyland Serai, eastern part of Singapore.

Over the years Lim Traders has progressed steadily to finally own and operate a HACCP certified frozen meat processing plant graded A by AVA food licensing.

Lim Traders Pte Ltd has long been enjoying the reputation as only dealing strictly in frozen Halal meat products in the local Muslim circle throughout the years. Operating under stringent hygienic condition under HACCP food safety requirements, great emphasis is placed on quality control to ensure the maintenance of freshness and high quality standards of our products.

We also cater to institutional food service providers, including hotels, restaurants, food courts, clubs, and private functions.