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Tangy Skewered Prawns
Chicken Popcorn
ID Code: 45.050
Qty/Pkg: 1kg
Price: S$10.10
Tangy Skewered Prawns
Boneless Chicken(Prawn Paste)
ID Code: 45.090
Qty/Pkg: 1kg
Price: S$10.00
Tangy Skewered Prawns
Chicken Ball
ID Code: 45.060
Qty/Pkg: 1kg
Price: S$8.95
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a) Food Ordering Procedures

  1. How to place order?
    Your may placed your orders through:
    • Online -, go to Items & prices.
    • Fax to us at No.
    • Call the sales hotline at 6268-6826
    • Walk-in purchase at our factory outlet located at 49 Quality Road

  2. How to make payment?
  3. Can I order and expect delivery on the same day or the following day?
    No! You must allow at least 2 calendar days for delivery from the day of order confirmation.
  4. Can I just walk in and buy off the shelves?
    Yes, you may do so.

  5. Is there a minimum order amount with delivery?
    Yes, free delivery service comes with a minimum order amount of $100/- with at least one item of meat or seafood from the menu.

    We do not deliver for order amount of less than $50/- in one bill. For any order amount less than $50/-, we would advise you to self-collect from our factory outlet at 49 Quality Road.

    For order amount less than $100/-, a deliver surcharge of $10/- will be added to the bill.
  6. I have an event organised for 80 people, can I approach you with a budget for a customized order and quotation?
    Yes, you may send us your request via email at and our sales personnel will attend to you.
  7. What if I have made a mistake in my online order?
    You should immediately send an email, SMS with your name and contact number or call the sales office immediately (during office hour between 9am – 5 pm), allowing us at least one working day to get back to you.
  8. Can I cancel or postpone my order?
    Under no circumstances, order cancellation and postponement will not be allowed within 2 calendar days before the day of delivery.
  9. How long can I keep the food after taking delivery?

    • Upon receiving your food, it is advisable to keep them in the fridge - chiller compartment
      (about 0 to 5 °C) to maintain freshness.
    • You are also advised against refreezing the thawed food to avoid bacteria build-up in the process leading to food contamination.

B) Food Items and Packing style

  1. Can I order loose pack of each type of food?
    All our food items are packed in standard packing, not for sales in loose pack.

C) Rental of Table, Chair, BBQ Pits and foam boxes

  1. Do you rent out table and chairs, BBQ pits and foam boxes for the event?
    No, we do not provide rental service for table, chairs and BBQ pits. But we can assist you by providing you with the contacts of relevant service providers.

    All our foods are delivered in foam boxes which should be returned to the driver upon delivery at the location, not after the event.

D) Payment mode for Individual & Corporate

  1. How to pay for my order?

    • Bank Transfer via Internet banking / ATM
    • Credit card and Net online
    • Cash upon Deliver – Only applicable to home delivery, office address and at our factory outlet at 49 Quality Road.
  2. Must I pay upon order confirmation before delivery?
    Payment has to be made 2 calendar days before the selected day of delivery.
  3. Can I pay cash or cheque upon delivery?
    We limit cash payment only to domiciled address such as home and office delivery, as well as walk-in order off the shelf from our factory outlet at 49 Quality Road.

    We do not accept cash payment upon delivery for other than the above order.
  4. How to make payment by bank transfer with my ATM Bank Card over the ATM?
    You may carry out bank transfer of fund for payment at all ATM machines.

    Please remember to ensure the machine is able to issue a receipt so that you can keep a printed record for your reference. The procedures for ATM fund transfer for the three main local banks are briefly as follow:

    • DBS Bank
    • UOB Bank
    • OCBC Bank

      1. Select: Other Transaction
      2. Select: Fund Transfer
      3. To which account - Select : Other group account
      4. Key in Lim Traders' DBS, UOB or OCBC bank account number, and amount (Please check with our sales office for our Bank Account Number)
      5. After the bank transfer, please forward to us by SMS that you have executed the bank transfer.
      6. Upon receiving your SMS, our account will verify with the bank, before confirming with you the payment and order with a SMS confirmation in return.

E) Payment mode for Singapore Government Bodies

  1. Can I pay by GIBIZ, GIRO or Vendors
    Yes. Please allow 1 week in advance of delivery from PO issuing date, to make delivery arrangement.

    Our sales personnel will confirm your order and the final amount with you before sending our invoice to you by email/ fax .

    • For payment via
      • GIBIZ / GIRO
        - please use our invoice to raise a PO, so that Lim Traders could log on to GIBIZ website to secure the PO.
      • Vendors
        • Get your account to approve purchase on the invoice and fax/ email it to Lim Traders (email:, fax: 6262-1506 )
        • With the approved Invoice, Lim Traders will raise a PO from the Vendors Website.
        • Upon delivery, and your account’s subsequent acknowledging in your system, we will submit an e-invoice for payment arrangement.

F) Delivery & Self Collection

  1. Is there a minimum order amount for free delivery services?
    Yes, free delivery service comes with a minimum amount of $100/- in value of orders, For order amount of less than $100, a delivery charge of $10 will be imposed.

    We do not deliver for order amount of less than $50/-. In this case, we would advise you to self-collect from our factory outlet at 49 Quality Road.

  2. Do you deliver to off-shore Island?
    We provide island-wide delivery services except postal code starting with 70 & 71 - Lim Chu Kang Area, Delivery to all offshore islands such as Pulau Ubin, Sentosa, etc is excluded.
  3. What is your earliest and latest delivery schedule?

    1. Delivery Schedule
      • Earliest : 10.00am
      • Latest : 7.00pm
    2. Delivery Schedule – CBD area
      • Earliest : 10.00am
      • Latest : 4.00pm
    3. Self Collection
      • Earliest : 8.30am
      • Latest : 6.00pm
  4. What time should I be at the delivery location to receive the ordered food?
    If you have selected the specified delivery time slot, say 10.00 am – 12.00 am, you have to make sure that you or someone appointed by you is at the delivery location to receive the foods at the earliest hour, 10,00 am onward in this case. Due to the tight delivery schedule, our driver may not wait for you.
  5. What happened if I cannot make it at the delivery location at the start of the delivery time slot for the delivery?
    If the delivery time slot selected is 10.00 am– 12.00am, you or someone must be there by 10.00am at the earliest to receive the foods. Due to the tight delivery schedule, our driver will proceed with the rest of the delivery. When 2nd trip is involved, it could be very late and out of the pre-arranged timing, also additional delivery charge is incurred.
  6. Can I request for delivery right up to my BBQ pit at the chalet?
    The driver will send the food only to the nearest carparks/ loading bay, hence you have to meet the driver there to pick up the goods.