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How to start a BBQ fire?

Charcoal grilling presents quite a challenge, but the arrangement and cooking times is also quite fun! Here are some tips.

You normally need about 6 kg of charcoal to start with a barbeque fire. As it takes time to start a fire, it is advisable to allow 1 – 1.30 hours for making fire before the actual BBQ event starts.

Step 1

Always roll out a layer of aluminum foil sheet at the base of the fire to make cleaning easy and also for heat retention during barbeque. Place some fire starters in the centre formation of Charcoal.

Step 2

Stack up a few more Charcoal on top of the base to form bridge formation, allowing ventilated space in between. Then light up the fire starters.

Step 3

Allow 15 to 20 minutes for the bride formation to catch fire. Put in more charcoal as the flames spread.

Spread the charcoal out evenly when all the charcoal has caught fire. You may help improve the flames by fanning or simply blowing with your mouth! A charcoal fire usually takes 30-45 minutes to reach the proper cooking heat after lighting it.

When it is ready for barbeque, the barbeque pit should be flameless and at very high temperature.