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Halal BBQ Packages and Corporate Needs – Convenient & Affordable

Thirty years of experience does not come easy, but we have made full use of our long years of service to bring you convenient halal food solutions regardless of your needs.

With a dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks used for transport, we offer same-day delivery services, even if you have made a last-minute plan for a BBQ.

Our island-wide delivery is available 6 days a week, and you can always

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BBQ services

Choose from our range of BBQ packages for a great party with your friends and family!

We are also able to provide a customised BBQ package for your requirements, including a wide variety of halal meats to choose from.

Complete the BBQ experience with our culinary selection of pre-marinated meat, and don’t forget the essential cutlery and utensils!

Take a look at our BBQ Packages

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For your Business

Supplying halal meat products for your business so you can focus on running it!

We offer customised value-added services for businesses such as hotels, restaurants or food chains, to simplify the process of food preparation.

Save time on preparation of food so you can focus on the more important tasks! We help you to streamline the food preparation segments of your business so that you can dedicate more effort in generating revenue.

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